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Hibbert : Half ball only two assists unacceptable

Le 20 March 2014, 07:23 dans Humeurs 0

Today , nike free run mens the Pacers lost 86-92 on the road to the Knicks . Pacers team in the first half only sent out two assists, assists their audience was 12 times. " Half the ball only two assists unacceptable that we need each other to make efforts ." Roy - Hibbert said. "Some things need to change , we too love the jumper ."

nike free run trainers " That's the way I think only two people whom I trust 100% , Paul ( George ) and David ( West ) .

Put the ball in their hands because they have earned my respect , they are able nike air max 90 womens to high horizontally play. even if they may slow , but I know that they can find the feeling when they get the ball , they can in their own way to deal with the ball , but on the other hand , I think we need to get the ball to move up, allow more people to participate . "

he continued. In addition, mens nike air max tn he also said : "No matter what the purpose is , our players before the impact of the paint , should be measured ." David - West , said: " We did not play team basketball ."

Gasol : by playing the right way , everything becomes easier

Le 20 March 2014, 07:20 dans Humeurs 0

Today, nike air max 90 cheap the Grizzlies beat the Jazz 98-86 at home , after the game Grizzlies center Marc - Gasol said the team will be able to follow the correct way to play well . " When we do what we should do when everything becomes easier , this is us ." Gasol said, " When we have problems , we should start doing the things I do . Everything started quickly become worse . "

nike free run trainers After the Grizzlies tied 84-84 and jazz , jazz emerged in the back four turnovers in the game, 10 shots missed the 9 . Let Grizzlies finally win the game . "I think we relaxed a little , want to quickly resolve the competition rather than by the time we get ahead of the play ." Conley said, " Fortunately, the second half of the fourth quarter, we had to fight back ."

Jazz Grizzlies nike air max trainers to 48-32 halftime lead , in addition to playing jazz in the fourth quarter was flat , leading the Jazz have not had in the game . "The game was later improved, guard three times, then hit into three attacks , the subsequent attack mostly hit ." Grizzlies coach Joerg said.